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The Irish National Institute for Historical Research of University College Cork was founded to promote the study of History and will become a major focus for historical research in Ireland. The Institue will host a range of seminars, conferences and symposia. By facilitating links and networks of historians within Ireland and with international scholars and institutes of research, the Institute will provide leadership and focus for historical research and activities within Ireland.

The Institute welcomes your interest and participation in its activities. To find out more about our work, publications, forthcoming conferences and symposia, please contact the Institute's Directors, Professor Dermot Keogh, Dr Hiram Morgan or Dr Damian Bracken. Click 'contact' for details.

    The wind that shakes the barley
Winner of the Palme d'or at 2006 Cannes Film Festival / Dr Dónal Ó Drisceoil historical adviser
    Seven ages
RTÉ documentary / Professor Dermot Keogh historical adviser